Nice club? Fancy restaurant? You can’t get in with normal clothes. They’ll turn you down at the door. No one wants that embarrassing feeling. But if you come wearing Eleante? You won't even have to queue. Feel unstoppable wherever you go with our summer collection. Designed to elevate your style & open doors to extraordinary experiences...

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Marina Suede Loafers - Light GreyMarina Suede Loafers - Light Grey
Santorini Pleated Shirt - BlackSantorini Pleated Shirt - Black
Marina Suede Loafers - Navy BlueMarina Suede Loafers - Navy Blue
Capri Linen Shorts - Light KhakiCapri Linen Shorts - Light Khaki
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Adria Trousers - WhiteAdria Trousers - White
Adria Trousers - White Sale price £69.95
Santorini Pleated Trousers - BlackSantorini Pleated Trousers - Black
Riviera Linen Shirt - GreenRiviera Linen Shirt - Green
Riviera Linen Shirt - Green Sale price £59.95
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Santorini Pleated Trousers - WhiteSantorini Pleated Trousers - White
Oasi Jeans - WhiteOasi Jeans - White
Oasi Jeans - White Sale price £59.00
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Loro Trousers - BlackLoro Trousers - Black
Loro Trousers - Black Sale price £59.95
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Santorini Pleated Shirt - WhiteSantorini Pleated Shirt - White
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Riviera Polo Shirt - BlackRiviera Polo Shirt - Black
Riviera Polo Shirt - Black Sale price £34.95
Marina Suede Loafers - Fog GrayMarina Suede Loafers - Fog Gray
Nova Quarter Zip Sweater - GrayNova Quarter Zip Sweater - Gray
Nova Quarter Zip Sweater - Sky BlueNova Quarter Zip Sweater - Sky Blue
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Amalfi Cardigan - BlackAmalfi Cardigan - Black
Amalfi Cardigan - Black Sale price £69.95
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Santoni Turtleneck Jumper - BlackSantoni Turtleneck Jumper - Black
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Amalfi Cardigan - BrownAmalfi Cardigan - Brown
Amalfi Cardigan - Brown Sale price £69.95